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Deadly dolphin disease spreads to the Florida Keys

Wink News reports that a deadly virus is killing dolphins on the east coast and may now be in the Gulf of Mexico. Just this week, scientists discovered the virus in a dolphin in the Florida Keys.

"Researchers with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration say more than 1,500 dolphins have died from the morbillivirus since July of 2013. This week, a dolphin in the Keys tested positive for the virus and now the entire Gulf Coast of Florida is considered a surveillance area for the outbreak.

Scientists are trying to figure out where it started and how to stop it. They first detected the virus in the late 1980s, but they don’t know if its caused by humans or environmental issues."

"What they do know is morbillivirus is similar to measles in people and distemper in dogs. It can leave lesions on the skin and affects the brain, lung and immune system. Its spread mainly through the dolphins’ blowholes and from mothers to calves. Scientists with N.O.AA say there’s no vaccine, leaving the adorable mammals to fend for themselves."

Lets hope this serious threat to dolphins comes under control soon

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