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Dolphins added to the migratory endangered species list

The United Nations have added 31 animals to its list of migratory endangered species last Sunday under an international treaty called the Conservation of Migratory Species.

The Dodo reports that marine animals were big winners at the meeting — not only were 21 species of ray, shark and sawfish added, but the convention highlighted the cultural capabilities of dolphins and whales.

The Whale and Dolphin Conservation commented:

"In the future, instead of just counting numbers of whales within a certain area, we will need to look more closely at how individuals and groups behave, as that may have an effect on how they respond to threats caused by human activity."

The Dodo comments:

'Pods of bottlenose dolphins, for example, use sponges to protect their beaks while foraging and pass that knowledge down to calves.

Given that dolphins and the other protected species are migratory, successful conservation will require worldwide cooperation of the 120 party countries (the U.S. and a several dozen other countries are "range states," which are encouraged to adhere to global or local agreements.)'

Good news then for dolphins, but there is much work to be done.

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