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The Girl Who Dreamt of Dolphins

by James Carmody.

What if you could speak to a dolphin? Twelve year old Lucy Parr has dreamt of dolphins all her life. One evening she overhears her Aunt Bethany telling her Dad that Lucy has a special gift. What is it and why was her dad so opposed to her love of the dolphins and the sea? Could it be something to do with her mother? 


Not long after Lucy is amazed to discover that the dolphins she dreams about are real, and that she can reach out with her mind and actually speak to a young dolphin called Spirit. Longing to escape her father’s strict but absent upbringing and to find out who she really is, Lucy decides to run away to visit Bethany in Cornwall.When Spirit’s pod off the Cornish coast learn of his special connection with Lucy, the leader of the pod called Storm forbids him from taking his coming-of-age swim.


Spirit is determined to prove himself though and escapes anyway to take this right of passage and earn the respect of the pod.When Spirit is disorientated by a jet-ski rider, he becomes trapped in the coils of a discarded steel rope. Can Lucy find a way to save Spirit before it was too late?



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Praise for 'The Girl Who Dreamt of Dolphins' -



Review by: Jemima Pett on April 05, 2014 rated it 4 of 5 stars on Smashwords :     
Lucy dreams of dolphins. She can’t remember a time when she didn’t. Her father wouldn’t understand, and since her mother ‘disappeared’ he doesn’t pay much attention to her anyway – often forgetting to collect her from school, among other things. Despite this, he doesn’t want help from her aunt, who would be only too pleased to help out, and give them a holiday in Cornwall. Dad wants to keep Lucy away from Cornwall at all costs – in case she suffers the same problem as her mother.

In fact, Lucy doesn’t need to live in Cornwall to have a very close relationship with a dolphin named Spirit. She finds herself more and more involved in his adventures. Then danger befalls him, and he sees her helping to direct him to safety. What is this connection, and how dangerous can it be – for Lucy and for Spirit?

This is a beautifully told tale suitable for older middle grades and possibly to be read to younger children ready for natural history lessons. Lucy’s story is interspersed with chapters focusing on life in the sea with Spirit and his friends, until it all comes together in an exciting climax. It’s a good story even if you’ve read a lot of dolphin tales, and the idea of communing with other animals, especially dolphins, is attractive to many youngsters – and oldsters like me!


(Jemima Pett is the author of the highly entertaining Princelings of the East Series.) 


Review by: Sophia DeLuna on April 08, 2013 rated it 5 of 5 stars on Smashwords :      

This is a really beautiful story. The characters of Lucy and the dolphins are very well written, and there is a lot of action that made it hard to stop reading for necessary breaks.
I'm looking forward to read the next in the series. 



On Jenn Dattilo Watts rated it 4 of 5 stars 

I downloaded it for my daughter, but was refreshingly surprised at how much I enjoyed it myself. There were a couple of things I didn't understand right away because this book very much takes place in the UK and I'm American. But, the flow is wonderful, the mythology is well thought out, and the relationships in the book are ones any tween or parent can understand and appreciate. 


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