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Spinner Dolphins

The scientific name for Spinner Dolphins is 'Stenella longirostris'. They are one of the smaller dolphins and can be found in off-shore tropical waters around the world.


They are called 'Spinners' because of their acrobatic displays in which they spin, sometimes spinning five times in one leap. They are also sometimes known as 'long-snouted' dolphins.


Spinner Dolphins are generally 129–235 cm long and weigh between 23 and 79 kg.


Their backs are dark gray, their sides are light gray, and their underside is pale gray or white. This colour scheme helps camouflage them in the open sea.


Spinners live on smaller fish, squid, and shrimps, and may dive up to 300 metres to feed.


In Hawaii and northern Brazil, dolphins spend their daytime resting in shallow bays near deep water. At dusk, they travel offshore to feed.


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