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Midnight Dolphin 

by James Carmody

Lucy longs to keep her special link with dolphins, and hates her Dad for telling her that she will grow out of it and lose her gift. Yet despite her efforts it looks like her father will be right. A painful accident gives her what may be one last glimpse of that world beneath the waves and the chance chance to spend time with Spirit. Yet there are clues to her mother Megan's own link with dolphins that sends her on a quest to discovery the real reason for Megan's death and what links them both to a Victorian girl called Mary. The answer lies in the Trinity Caves, but will she ever find them before the stars align at Christmas?


This is the exciting conclusion to the Dolphin Child trilogy. 'The Girl Who Dreamt of Dolphins' saw Lucy discover her gift, and 'Dolphin Child' saw Lucy come closer to Spirit, before realising that her gift seemed set to fade away. 'Midnight Dolphin' sees Lucy struggle to find her own destiny, even as those around try to protect her from it.


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Praise for Midnight Dolphin:


Sophia DeLuna on Smashwords : 'This story beautifully wraps up the trilogy with a surprising bitter-sweet ending. I truly enjoyed this series, and I'm a bit sad that this was the last story. I've come to care for the characters, and I wish the author would continue writing about them'.


On Jean Dattilo Watts: 'Just finished this one today. [...]. For the first time in the series we get to meet Lucy's mother, Megan, and read about her experiences with her dolphin, Jet. I was very satisfied with the ending of the trilogy, although the epilogue bit was shorter than I would have liked. Well done, Mr. Carmody.'


On Barnes & Noble


'SUCH A GREAT BOOK Im only half way into it and im in love!!!!!!'


'Wonderful!  I was caught up in the story right away. I highly recommend this.'


'Three Green Caves I loved this book. SAD now because this might be the end of the books'


'Midnight dolhfin I love this book'


'How did the book end like that lucy can not die make Another book and end it correctly good book in general'




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