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Dolphin attends scene of Marine Rescue

'Marine Rescue crew had an unexpected visitor on Sunday when they were helping a man whose sailing dinghy had capsized.

The duty crew on rescue vessel Central Coast 20 at the Marine Rescue base at Point Clare noticed the dinghy on the Broadwater which was drifting towards the rocky western shoreline.

The duty skipper, Ken Sharp, and his crew Mitch Giles and Robert Smith, motored down to the man and offered help.

Marine Rescue spokesman, Ron Cole said the man initially refused, but when he realised his danger he accepted a tow from the rescue boat. The sail was removed and the sailor taken on board the rescue vessel.

“The crew then retrieved the dinghy’s rudder and began towing it to the beach just south of Gosford Sailing Club,” Mr Cole said.

“As the tow slowly progressed towards the beach the crew was joined by the lone friendly dolphin that frolicked under the towed craft and alongside Central Coast 20.'

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